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Here are some websites that are important to further your studies in this era of stamp collecting:


1.  This is our sponsoring organization, and the website is definitely worth a look. Tons of information about German stamps - one of the best sources of information anywhere. Authentication services of German stamps, separating fact from fraud, are offered here.


2. This is a sister website highlighting and discussing stamps of 16 individual German states that printed stamps before unification 1871. It makes for fascinating history with very intriguing, rare, and unusual stamps. Lots of great pictures in the gallery – check it out!


3.  (Yes, three "w"s!) This website is devoted to archiving the journals of the Post WWII  Study and Research Group Bulletin, sponsored by the Germany Philatelic Society . While explicitly not to be used for any kind of political agenda, this website offers nearly 200 journals worth of articles and information, as well as details about our Journal club. More information on this era of stamps exist at this website than anywhere else on the web, bar none. This is absolutely a must see for anyone with any interest in this bloodied, cruel, heartbreaking, yet fascinating era.


4. A great overview of European stamps, including those of Germany. It’s actually fairly comprehensive, the pictures are incredible- Where did they get those stamps? Anyway, it’s a great place to check out.


5.   The website of the American Philatelic Society, this site is a ton of information about flatly around the world for everyone, from the beginner to world-class expert. Stamps can be authenticated here as well. I must see to learn about stamp collecting in general, and find out what makes it so great.


6.  The German stamp society of the UK, this is a mighty fine website from a very knowledgeable group of folks.


 7.  This website has an incredible amount of information for most everything in your barrenness. This includes a list of all Feldpost numbers. It is a whole lot easier to use the Himmelblau volumes which are heavy and require reentering the German into Google for translation.


8.   This is an auction house specializes in German philately.  Very well organized, it is a great source of World War II-era stamps and postal cards.


9.  Speaking of an online auction source, nothing can beat this website as a comprehensive guide for one-stop shopping for on-line auctions. This website hosts hundreds of auctions from all over the world. It is an incredible resource. The only downer is that it is so vast, it can difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for, even with their search engine.

10.  New!!!  A great new reader has suggested .  It has both a detailed history of the postcard and some truly awsome historical pictures and postcards.  Definitely a wonderful way to spend a day!!!!!

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