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Simply click on the button, and you will see our new brochure.  Made with the newer collector in mind, it clearly yet succintly gives an overview of all of the different aspects of what we do.  Highlighting our on-line journal, the brochure also provides a powerful  discalimer of any political affiliation, letting everyone know that we just love the stamps!

Whenever you go to a stamp show, exhibit, or any other kind of meeting, be sure to download a few copies, and bring them with you.  This makes for a great icebreaker, and a wonderful way to get the word out about our great group! 

How do we get the brochure to look professional?  Simply print the brochure on a color printer using both sides of one piece of paper.  When you do print it out, select "Print on both sides", using the "long edge", not the "short edge."

After you have it printed out, here is how you fold it:   The sheet needs to have the "Our Purpose" and "Our Journal"  face up.  Seperating "The TRSG" from the bold "TRSG, you will notice two stamps, one with a catheral on the right and the guy fighting the dragon on the left.  Where they abut one another, fold along that line (therefore not creasing either stamp) down and in.  Then, on the left edge of "Our Purpose" and "Our Journal", fold along that line  down and in.  Now, turn the paper over, and make sure the cover "TRSG" segment is on the outside.  Purposely, the inside is a bit wider than the outside, hopefully making the images that are partially exposed a reason for the reader to want to open the brochure!

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